It is very easy to understand that the Sydney wedding photography wedding planning is a job which is It is a fact generally not well understood, that wedding planning is a job designed to be done by two – both groom and bride.s don’t have to (and shouldn’t) take on all the work. For some brides it’s hard to let go of the details and share, for others it’s because the another reason is the other half is less than interested in all the decisions and details. But a wedding is about two people and it’s extremely important that both of you are involved all way. from beginning to end Sso today Sydney wedding photography think “sharing is caring” withgive you a list of jobs for the groom. You can see this as ause this to-do list for the work-shy groom or ideas for things you could delegate to the poor guy who is struggling to get involved.

1. COLLECT INVITATION ADDRESSES – Sydney wedding photography

Social media’s the hype now. Most likely with all the instant connectivity you get, you don’t know the guest’s address as well as their Facebook. If that’s the case, you can ask you groom to gather the addresses and invitation details, i.e. the rough figures of family members attending.

2. BOOK THE HONEYMOON – Sydney wedding photography

Typically a groom’s duty, the effort and time one needs to browse through different honeymoon locations can be daunting. If you, the bride are preparing most of the wedding plans, you can be a little lenient on this and pass this post-wedding honeymoon travel to your trusted partner.

3. GUEST’S ACCOMMODATION OPTIONS – Sydney wedding photography

If your wedding is interstate/overseas, you might want to recommend your guests some good lodging locations that are of close proximity with the wedding venue. You can also provide information on the expenses and add in some local spots that they can drop by during the visit too.

4. PICK & BOOK WEDDING MUSIC – Sydney wedding photography

The early bird gets the worm. To get that favourite band and Dj of yours to perform, you definitely need to book ahead of time. You need time to seek options out there and it comes as a high priority for weddings and ceremonies!

Sydney wedding photography
Sydney wedding photography

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