The best part about dessert? Everyone always has room for it! Sydney wedding photography could have eaten an entire duck for dinner and it still wouldn’t have mattered – you’d still be able to scarf down a whole bowl of ice-cream, and maybe a cake pop or two, and how could you leave out the to-die-for marshmallow cones? So, to ensure Sydney wedding photography precious day has ended on a blissfully sweet note for you and your guests, we’ve curated a list of 11 finger-licking favorites for you to incorporate into your wedding candy buffet table without breaking the bank. Sydney wedding photography assure you, this magnificent dessert display will be remembered by your loved ones for years to come!

1. Chocolates – Sydney wedding photography

What can we say about chocolate that you don’t already know? That women constantly crave it? That men can’t live without it? That Mayan and Aztec wedding ceremonies were incomplete without it? Arguably one of man’s greatest inventions – chocolate has been making the world a better place for years now. Include this tantalising treat in your candy buffet table by incorporating it into sinful swirly cupcakes, fudgy layered brownies, dense cushioned cakes, or anything really! So just keep the saccharine spotlight firmly on the chocolate and you won’t go wrong!Sydney wedding photography

2. Marshmallows – Sydney wedding photography

Transform this ooey gooey campfire must-have into a grown-up gourmet version for your big day. Limitless when it comes to flavors this humble retro favorite can be presented in its classic version, or can even be given a more artisanal twist to appease your more discerning guests. Also don’t worry about them getting their hands dirty, our favorite part of this new and improved timeless treat is that it’s served in an ice-cream cone! S’more-tastic, we say!- Sydney wedding photography

3. Desserts & Cupcakes – Sydney wedding photography

Cupcakes have been at the center of the dessert world for quite some time now and with good reason! These petite, ever-evolving treats are the only ones we know that can pack in style with substance so effortlessly.Sydney wedding photography
And if its style we’re talking about, we can’t not mention how darling dessert jars look! Besides being able to add a rustic, laidback hipster vibe to your buffet table – these genius creations also manage to provide quite a bit of punch in terms of flavour and variety. From strawberry shortcake to hazelnut and chocolate mousse to traditional trifle to warm apple pie – think it and you can jar it, we say.- Sydney wedding photography
Doughnuts too, offer tons of versatility in terms of flavour. Go from I Do to I Dough with these mouth-watering classic confections and leave your guests feeling equal parts nostalgic and satiated.

Sydney wedding photography
Sydney wedding photography

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