Sydney’s summers can be a nuisance for a perfect summer wedding. Sydney wedding photography You could be hoping it to be sunny with just the right amount of cooling breeze and temperature. Well, if you innocently think that the weather will go your way, you might be up for a great disappointment. Hence, if you want a summer wedding, do not forget to check out the fun and good tips from us. With this 12 fun and simple easy tips, you can be everything will be fuss-free on that day!

1. Sunglasses and fans are summer wedding favors that need to be provided! So be prepared for more to hand out to those guests sweating their foreheads off! Sydney wedding photography
2. Summer reminds us of cocktails, don’t they? Hence, serve your signature cocktail drinks with a whisk of alcohol in cute mason jars, or a cheaper option, a large container of beer and soft drink mix cooled with ice!Sydney wedding photography
3. Don’t forget to treat your guests with some ice-cream that they will love! Have an ice-cream seller paddle through after your ceremony or right before your reception for a quick little mouthwatering treat!Sydney wedding photography
4. Metal conducts heat. Duh! Hence, avoid metal chairs if your sunny wedding is outdoors. If it’s metal, you can provide thick cushions to act as an anti-heat conductor.Sydney wedding photography
5. If an outdoor wedding is your thing, Sydney wedding photography you might want to consider placing your guests’ chairs at a shadier area to avoid being outdoors in direct sunlight too long. And it’s a good backup for the rainy day as well!
6. A summer marquee wedding should definitely come with air cons, if not, the least fans!
7. Choose a light and comfy wedding material that doesn’t cling to your sweaty skin. Cotton organdy, Chiffon, Crepe, or Voile will definitely work Sydney wedding photography better than any silk dresses for a summer wedding.
8. You don’t want a wedding dress shaped sunburn in place during your honeymoon right? Then get a good UPF sunblock to block out the unhealthy rays and moisture your skin Sydney wedding photography well.
9. Sweaty days might mean melting makeups! Thus option for better sweat-proof makeup and get a good primer to keep your makeup looking fresh the whole day.
10. Why not choose a beautiful pair of flip flops of sandals over heels as heels can be a real bitch when the heat is on.
11. Citronella Candles can Sydney wedding photography be used to keep those annoying critters at bay from your wedding, plus they look romantic too!
12. Sparklers go well with a dry summer night, Sydney wedding photography as well as adding a little extra to your once in a lifetime experience. Just be sure took it with your venues beforehand.

Sydney wedding photography
Sydney wedding photography

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