Everything comes down to small little details and Sydney wedding photography knows that a soft kissable full lips are what you want for the big day. Nobody would want to appear on the aisle with a dry, cracked and flaky lip. It is not only feeling irritable, it also looks totally unappealing with a bright of red lipstick. It wears out the colour very fast, leaving you with an unpredictable look of bad lipstick. And when it comes to the time that you and your groom going to exchange a kiss, Sydney wedding photography is sure you would want to serve a soft kissable lips! So we will give you some tips to help your lips looks right for the day!

Tips for kissable lips : Sydney wedding photography

  • Wipe your lips with a tissue before and add a little emollient lip balm just before your lipstick.
  • Exfoliate dead skin off your lips with a toothbrush gently. Sydney wedding photography remind you to be careful not to tear the skin.
  • Pamper your lips with more balm until its absolutely time to put your lipstick on.
  • Avoid using long lasting lipstick as this will cause further dryness to your lips.
  • Waking up to dry lips means you need to moisturise them. Never put any foundation or concealer on cracked lips as this will make them crusty!
  • If tooth brush is not your thing, Sydney wedding photography suggest that you can try a light lip balm mixed with bicarb soda, which makes a good scrub.

Other extra tips to a luscious lip : Sydney wedding photography

  • Use lip lock and lip sealer to make the colour last longer
  • Wear a lip balm that has a SPF. Make sure that whatever balm on your lips has NO alcohol in it. Some of the most popular lip products contain alcohol. Sydney wedding photography Although your lips feel great after using them, but they are actually drying from the alcohol.
  • A lip liner the same shade of your lipstick to stop colour from bleeding out
  • Keeping yourself hydrated. Water keeps your lip plump and sexy!
Sydney wedding photography
Sydney wedding photography

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